Welcome to Gal Squad! We cater to the trendy and savvy Gals, offering new styles everyday at the fraction of cost.  We want you to look as good as you feel, but we also understand how difficult it can be to find the right swimsuit at an affordable price. Gal Squad was founded by a young female entrepreneur, who had just moved down to Miami Beach, Florida. Moving from New York City during late November was quite a lifestyle change, given that the average temperature in Miami Beach is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. She and her husband fell in love with the beach and visited as frequently as possible, and with that also came the need to purchase new swimsuits.


To her surprise, finding cute, good quality swimsuits was quite difficult. The prices were ridiculously high. She came across a few local stores, as well as, online stores charging anywhere from $60 to over $200 for a bikini set. She was shocked that Miami Beach, being a world renown beach destination had barely any descent low priced swimwear stores. She thought to herself, rather then owning one swimsuit for an average $100, she should be able to own at least four swimsuits for the same price.

She went on to scout vendors from around the world, which made trendy, good quality swimsuits at low cost. This brought her to building relationships directly with the manufacturers, becoming a key factor in offering the latest fashionable swimwear at unbelievably low costs. Rather then purchasing large wholesale stock and up-selling the swimsuits tremendously, like typical stores do, she decided she rather save you money by directly sending you the product from the manufacturer. On the downside, you may have to wait longer then usual to receive the product, but on the up side, you end up getting great value for your money spent, not to mention free world wide shipping.

As she compiled a wide variety of styles, she went on to launch the online store for women of all age and size from around the world. This included a wide variety of plus size styles too! She discovered that pricing wasn't the only issue in the swimwear market, but there weren't many stores offering trendy, good quality swimsuits for plus size women. Anything you would consider cute and stylish was expensive, which she thought was equally unfair.

Today, our average price for a swimsuit is $25, whatever you size may be. As we continue to grow, we stay true to the same principle: why own one bikini when you can own at least four for the same price. Whether you are a local in the Sunshine State, or planning a vacation to escape the bitter cold, Gal Squad is your ultimate destination to find just the right swimsuit at the fraction of the cost. Shop guilt free and enjoy the best of the summer, beach lifestyle without breaking your bank account. Gal Squad promises to always bring you the cutest styles with great quality directly to your doorstep.